About Graduate Programs

The graduate level studies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering are designed to prepare scholars for research and development in specialized areas within the field of Mechanical Engineering. Our programs are aligned with the national and industrial needs and are taught by research-active faculty. Areas of specialization include thermodynamics, fluid and solid mechanics, renewable energy systems, automotive, and railway engineering.

Established in 1921, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest institution in the country to provide education in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The department has been offering graduate level studies since 1961. Currently, 5 master’s and 1 Ph.D. programs are being offered:

Offered Programs

  1. PhD Mechanical Engineering
  2. M.Sc Thermal Power Engineering
  3. M.Sc Mechanical Design Engineering
  4. M.Sc Automotive Engineering
  5. M.Sc Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
  6. M.Sc Railway Engineering

Post Graduate Faculty and their interests

1 Prof. Dr. Nasir Hayat Fatigue, Cast Alloys, Mechanical Properties
2 Prof. Dr. Tauseef Aized Manufacturing, Energy
3 Prof. Dr. Asad Naeem Shah I.C Engine (Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions)
4 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Mahmood Qureshi Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering
5 Prof. Dr. Amjad Hussain Operations Management, Human Factors (Ergonomics), Industry 4.0, Disaster Operations Management, Resilience, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Systems Design
6 Prof. Dr. Ghulam Moeen ud Din Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence
7 Dr. Ali Hussain Kazim Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion
8 Dr. Muhammad Asim Solar Energy, Building Energy, Energy Management,
9 Dr. Awais Ahmad Khan Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Engineering Management, Energy Optimization
10 Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Aslam Bhutta Internal Combustion Engine, CFD Application on Mechanical Engineering Systems, Renewable Energy Resources
11 Dr. Muhammad Usman Alternative Energy Sources: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Sustainability, Power Systems, Tribology & Materials
12 Dr. Naseer Ahmad Vector Mechanics, Dynamics and Embedded Controls, Design Optimization
13 Dr. Jafar Hussain Mechanical Engineering Systems, FEA
14 Dr. Jawad Sarwar High Concentrated Solar Energy, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Energy Storage and Functional Materials with Applications in Solar Thermal, Thermochemical, and Photovoltaic Systems
15 Dr. Jamal Umer Tribology, Nanoscale Characterization, Contact Mechanics, Optimization, Microscopy, Corrosion
16 Dr. Hasan Izhar Khan Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, Corrosion Fatigue, Corrosion Creep
17 Dr. Muhammad Zubair Sheikh Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flow
18 Dr. Zia ul Rehman Tahir Biomechanics, Computational Dynamics, Machine Learning, Buckling of Thin Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Compression
19 Dr. Muhammad Waqar Nasir Continuum Mechanics, Theory of Plasticity, Sheet Metal Forming, Material Modelling, Mechanics of Materials
20 Dr. Syed Nadeem Abbas Shah Nanofluids, Heat Transfer, Solar Thermal, Energy Materials etc.