Automotive Engineering

Students are encouraged and fully supported by the department and faculty to apply for internships particularly in 3rd year of their studies. There is an office of Financial Aid & Career Services (FA&CS) centrally managed by UET Administration. One of the important functions of the FA&CS is to search and develop contacts with the industry and R&D institutes in public and private sectors of the country in order to identify prospective employers, jobs, scholarships and internship training for UET students. There is an internship/job portal on UET webpage, as well as on a UET media portal in addition to the Facebook groups purely for Mechatronics students, all of which are very helpful in communicating up-to-date information to all with ease.

The department also sends requests to a number of industries to accommodate as many students in internships as possible. The industries where our third-year students completed their internships include:

  1. Regal Automobiles
  2. Sazgar Engineering Works
  3. Pakistan Railways
  4. Hyundai Nishat
  5. Toyota Jinnah Motors Regal Automobile (Transportation)
  6. Regal Motors
  7. Atlas Honda
  8. Millat Tractors Limited

Furthermore, UET organizes Industrial Open House and Career Fair (IOHCF) every year for all potential graduates. It is attended by a good deal of potential employers – a number of representatives of chambers, business communities, civil society and personals from academia. This annual event is a best source of informal interaction between students and industries. In order to prepare students for this event, a number of workshops are also arranged which include

  • CV/Resume writing workshop
  • What makes a Leader
  • Work on EQ Rather than CGPA (to tackle interviews, worth of your EQ, what company demands from you),
  • Moving from FB to LINKEDIN – From Paper CV to Digital One (how to use LinkedIn effectively, what to write, where to write, how much to write),
  • Non-verbal communication skills (communication by body language, by gestures, by posture, by facial expressions)